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Population PK model (critically ill): Romano et al. Clin Drug Invest, 1998: 435-44

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Dose [mg] | Infusion dur. [h]

Serum creatinine [mg/dL]

Measured amikacin [mg/L]

Time [dd/mm/yyyy/hh:mm]

Dose [mg]

Infusion duration [h]

cGentamicin [mg/L]


Time [dd/mm/yyyy/hh:mm]

Cmax/MIC [-]

Cmin [mg/L]

Infusion duration [h]

Probabilistic dosing scenarios (no drug measurements used/needed!)



Time [dd/mm/yyyy/hh:mm]

Cmax/MIC [-]

Cmin [mg/L]

Infusion duration [h]

Prediction of next dose based on individual patient (using Bayesian estimates)

PK model

Warning: Modification of PK model recommended for research purposes only!

Available covariates:

SEX_i: Sex (male=0, female=1)

WT_i: Weight (kg)

HT_i: Height (cm)

AGE_i: Age (yrs.)

CLCRCG_i_t: Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft Gault 1976) (ml/min) (time-dependent)

CLCRJ_i_t: Creatinine Clearance (Jelliffe 1973) (ml/min) (time-dependent)

SCR_i_t: Serum creatinine (mg/dL) (time-dependent)

TRAUMA_i: Trauma (yes=1, no=0)

SEPSIS_i: Sepsis (yes=1, no=0)

PK/Covariate model:
Interindividual variability of PK parameters:
Residual unexplained variability (RUV):